Washburn Maverick Series Modified

Washburn Signature Nuno Bettencourt N4 Electric Guitar
Washburn Signature Nuno Bettencourt N4 Electric Guitar
   US $1,500.00
 41521105750759730 Washburn Maverick Series Modified

This is a used Wasburn Maverick Series. There has been some work done to it to make it sound and play better. I have replaced the stock pickups with Seymour Duncan Cool Rails in the Neck and Middle positions. The Bridge has a Seymour Duncan Custom Custom pickup. I had the frets replaced with fatter, slightly taller frets, so you can get under the strings better. The stock frets were not that great on these guitars. The nut has been replaced with one that has been cut with better string separation. The stock one did not leave enough room in the High E and Low E strings for comfortable vibrato. There is a small paint chip in the top screw where the toggle switch is, that I hope is highlighted well enough in the pics, otherwise this guitar is in great condition. This guitar has a nice thick, crisp sound to it. You can go from Metal to Blues, with this guitar depending on how you use your volume knob. I have too much gear and need to sell this one. Times are tuff. I spent $350 to buy it and then spent another $550.00 to make it better. My loss is your gain.

 41521105750759731 Washburn Maverick Series Modified

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